Beautiful Web Design Does Not Guarantee SEO Rankings

Philwebservices---SEO-Services---QoutesWhen it comes to your custom web design, there is no question that it needs to be attractive, functional, and easy to navigate. However, even the most beautiful designs and superb web development from the best in Philippines web design companies will not promote your website on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.

In fact, a website that is not one the first page of Google’s rankings or generates much in the way of traffic is virtually non-existent as it is doing little, if anything to help you generate interest or more importantly, sales.

Why Website Design is Overrated

There are a number of reasons why the design of your website alone without substantial assistance from SEO and other methods that boost customer traffic.

Poor Visitor Attraction: As part of a combined effort that includes excellent content, SEO infusion and a user-friendly interface, good website design can be quite effective. However, on its own the result is very unimpressive since it cannot pull in customers and what few visitors do show up have little reason to stay for long.

Poor Visitor Retention: Eye-catching websites can be a two-edged sword when it comes to actually keeping the visitors who do show up. This is because the style may be attractive, but it is the substance of the website that really matters. Without solid, informative content, the website is an empty vessel that will quickly be abandoned by the few potential customers who show up.

Easy Selling Piece: It’s a lot easier for web designers to point at a beautiful-looking website they created and make the sale to entrepreneurs and potential online business owners. Just as the best looking vehicle gets much of the attention in the showroom, so too does a beautiful website design grab the eye. However, without the substance to make it work it’s not worth the price.

How to Improve Search Rankings

First and foremost, the web design needs to incorporate SEO attributes on every page in terms of its web development and content. This is not keyword stuffing which is an old, outdated, and inappropriate method of attracting search engines, but instead the proper use of keywords or key phrases that pulls in the right type of customers.

Content is also quite important as visitors will need something to bring them into the site once they have arrived. The best websites offer interesting, informative content which keeps them on the website longer and creates more opportunities for selling.

Finally, the best designers will also incorporate the right amount of graphics, images, and video to create an inviting atmosphere that adds to the work being accomplished by the use of SEO. Add all of these elements together and the result is a website that pulls in, retains and ultimately sells the customer.

For your website design, utilizing the best talent in Philippines means incorporating the basic internet marketing techniques to pull in and retain visitors. While attractive colours and nifty graphics will make your website look nice, you will need far more to pull in the customer traffic that you need for success.

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